Rudy Currence

I, like a lot of other music fiends like to be “up on” artists before they hit it big. I have that feeling about Rudy Currence. He is featured on “Nobody Wins a War” a star-studed track on Raheem Devaugn’s “Love & War MasterPeace” and holds his own in a crowd that includes vets like Bilal, Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton.  He recently signed with Luda’s DTP crew after two under-the-radar releases so it looks like he’s well on his way. The SC born son of a preacher has tons of stage presence as shown in the first clip below. He gets his Sam Cooke on at Clark Atlanta singing “Zion” from his second album “Here with You” in the second. Check him out on ITunes, though I have to say his studio releases don’t capture the soul that comes through so effortlessly in his live performances.