The Stuyvesants

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog and have some good sense, you’ve probably already made yourself familiar with the fantastically free mixes of Darien Victor Birks on his music and design blog flwrpt. He’s been hard at work with his friend Allan Cole who you may know better as DC’s 2009 Red Bull Big Tune champ, Algorythm. The two have joined forces as “The Stuyvesants”, a design and music duo paying homage to their shared place of residence.  They’ve released a FREE 25 instrumental and design project titled “Brooklyn’s Finest” that I’ve had on repeat since the day it dropped. It’s absolutely a must have for the summer. I’m hoping we’ll get more visuals from this project, the tracks definitely evoke some imagery. I’ve imagined them as sort of a day in the life of a Brooklynite but that’s just me. Check out “Panty Dropper” below and paint your own picture. Better yet, make a movie ; )