Electric Wire Hustle – Perception/Chaser

New music from New Zealand soul collective Electric Wire Hustle is at the very top of my wish list for 2011. Their self titled album has been getting regular rotation from me since it came out last summer. I can’t say that I’ve heard anything quite like it. It sounds like a jam session with Marvin Gaye, J Dilla and Sade’s band. CRAZY.  Did I mention these dudes are from New Zealand?  While I can’t say the video for “Perception” is new, it’s new to me and that’s just as good.  Check out the videos below then do yourself a huge favor and get the album. 


Marvelous Marvin

Marvin Gaye gave us his soul.  He would have been 71 yesterday.  He died 26 years ago, a day before his 45th birthday.  In his brief life he left us a timeless collection of  music that will live forever. Good music never dies.

I’ve probably looked at this clip more times than any other on youtube.