Shafiq Husayn

I’ve been aware of Sa-Ra Creative Partners from jump.  They’ve worked with pretty much all of my favorite artists but as funky as they are, I’ve never really felt the need to buy one of their albums. That has now changed, sort of. Shafiq Husayn is only 1/3 of the group but in this case less seems to be more. His solo debut Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka is more focused and satisfying than the allovertheplaceness of previous Sa-Ra releases. I’ll take a good meal over tapas anyday. “Cheeba”  is already a certified internet hit, the dark cinematography matches well with Bilal’s haunting vocals. “Lil Girl” featuring Fatima  is visually and sonically opposite but just as beautiful.  Enjoy.      


Bilal – “Levels”

I’m hoping Bilal is still opening for Erykah Badu when I see her sometime this summer.   I’d prefer it the other way around considering I’ve never been to a Bilal show but if the clip below is any indication of what I can expect, I’ll take it however I get it.  The dude is absolutely amazing.  A gift to us all.