The ArchAndroid

2010 keeps getting better.  I’m relatively new to the Janelle Monae fan club though she has been in my peripheral for a few years. I thought she was gimmicky at first glance and didn’t take the time to actually listen to her music. When I did, I liked it, didn’t love it but liked it enough to be on the lookout for the ArchAndroid. I had high hopes after Tightrope and Cold War but I was worried that those would be the only highlights of the album. I haven’t even fully listened to it yet but already this is my favorite album of the year so far. I’m a HUGE Badu fan and I have to say that Return of the Ankh’s abstract take’s a backseat to ArchAndroid’s realism this time around. If both Erykah and Janelle continue on their current paths, in a couple of albums we might have an interesting discussion on our hands. You can catch them both at some of the dates on Erykah’s “Out My Mind” tour this summer. Check out the snippets and let the ArchAndroid guide you on a  journey across time and space.   

Janelle Monae – ArchAndroid Trailer

So I mentioned a few posts ago that 2010 was going to be a great year for music and from the looks of this trailer for Janelle Monae’s upcoming album we’re in for some interesting stuff at the very least. I probably wont fully understand how the trailer fits with the overall concept of the album until it drops but it definitely adds to my already peaked interest. Tightrope is the theme for my 2010 so far.  Janelle is very thoughtful lyrically so I’m sure this will all make sense in the end.  For now, watch and wonder!

3’s the Charm (2010) Part 1

All the build up to New AmErykah Pt. 2 got me a little tired. Not to mention all the hoopla surrounding this little piece of poetry in motion. I’m not even going to review the album except to say it’s dope, thinking man’s music.  Plus you can find a review any and everywhere thanks to all the controversy surrounding the video. I’m actually a little relieved. My lack of gushing over this album despite it’s greatness is what this post is really about. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence but when you add the digits in 2010 you get number 3 which looks like a lucky number for music lovers.

Sade would’ve made it a great year by herself but we’ve also been blessed with the first LP from Corinne Bailey Rae  since her husband’s death. A banger of a mixtape and album from Raheem DeVaughn. Gorillaz, the aforementioned Miss Badu, Hendrix (yes, Jimi) and Gil Scott-Heron have all dropped NEW stuff and its only April 3rd. Janelle Monae plans to have us all tightrope walkin’ next month and Estelle will be back with another one. The rest of the year expects to bring us the HIGHLY anticipated monster from @Bilal_Oliver who tweeted that his sophomore is complete and hinted that he may be touring with Badu this summer, around the same time that Jill Scott  plans to release “Light of the Sun”. This is just the tip of the titanic musical iceberg.

Rappers have been on their job too. Kanye has been working hard on his 808s follow-up “Good Ass Job” while lending his production talents to fellow chi-townian Common who also expects to drop some heat this summer. They have to come correct though if they plan on taking any shine from Drake who by all accounts could present a classic before independence day all while his boss is on lockdown. Speaking of  jail, TI is back.  New RocNation posterboy J.Cole  will look to bring Jigga his next milli and it seems Jay ElecTramadaan has finally decided to step from behind the curtain and bless us with some lyrical lectures like only he can. All these albums could be overshadowed if the rumors that supergroup Outkast will release solo projects before the end of the year are true.

As amazing as most of these albums will be, I’d pass on ALL of them if we finally get the mythical “James River” from the prodigal son of neo-soul, D’angelo.  ?uestlove and Erykah Badu both confirmed that they were in the studio with him following his run-in with NYPD.

Rediculous, right? I’m just getting started. Stay tuned for Part 2: Under the Radar.