Hawthorne Headhunters

 “Myriad of Now” will hopefully be released in the very near future via Plug Research. I’ve gotten lost many times websurfing the sounds of Hawthorne Headhunters’ collaborators Black Spade, Coultrain, and Jimi James.

Hawthorne Headhunters EP is available on iTunes

Marques Toliver

I don’t think that I have ever seen somebody singing and playing the violin at the same time. If I have, it definitely didn’t sound like this. He really goes in at about the 1:45 mark. 


Marques Toliver 

Secret Story

It’s been a while since my last post. My web surfing has been drastically reduced since starting a new job last month. I always wanted a career in music and for a while I felt like I had one since the majority of my days were spent surfing the web in search of good tunes.  Times have changed though so while I have a lot more money to feed my habit, I have less time to write about it. I’ll take it though.  June 7th not only marked the 52nd birthday of Prince Rogers Nelson which must be celebrated even if he chooses not to, it was also my 27th and my cousin’s 28th.  Sharing a birthday with arguably the greatest performer of our time is pretty cool but growing up celebrating it with one of my best and closest friends who happens to be related but not my twin is so much cooler. We have oddly similar tastes in a lot of things but were not always on the same page when it comes to what we listen to.  Some of my favorite memories though are times we spent together just chilling in the basement listening to and looking for music.  This is one of my favorites from back in the day, It always takes me back to that time in my life which was pretty special to me. I have to admit it’s pretty wild that we were listening to stuff like this in our pre-teen years but it was albums like “Secret Story” that developed my musical palate. If you’re not familiar with Pat Metheny you have to wait until the 1:23 mark on the clip below to hear him do his thing. Happy birthday Cuzzo!     

Take Off Your Cool w/ Sonnymoon

I try not to post what everyone else is posting but sometimes the need to co-sign to dopeness trumps the desire to be unique.  If you frequent Nu-Soul/Hip-Hop blogs or are a seeker of fresh, new music like I am you’ve probably already heard of the Boston based electronic/experimental soul duo Sonnymoon and immediately downloaded purchased their “Golden Age” EP which you can find hereGills or Wings is my personal favorite but their cover of Drake’s Houstalantavegas that was removed from the EP’s tracklist for obvious reasons will go down as what put this pair on. The little nod to 3-Stacks & Norah Jones in the beginning of the vid is cool. Anna’s airy vocals over Dane’s simple yet hypnotic sounds are a musical match made in heaven. Can’t wait to hear more from them.      

Let’s Get Together

Prince probably listens to Prince on his IPod. When he’s not there’s a good chance he’s bumping J*DaVeY.  Many have tried but none have come as close to channeling the electrofunk-sexpop poetry of “The Purple One” as this LA duo.  If my opinion isn’t good enough for you, maybe the personal invite that the insanely selective Prince extended to the group to open for him in Vegas will make you a believer. I saw them open for The Foreign Exchange in D.C. last year and I was hooked. Click the link to listen and download Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes  from the groups bandcamp page for (DRUMROLL) Free.99. If that’s not enough, cop the double disk ‘The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost” and add some heat to your collection.