Olu Dara

The not-as-famous father of hip-hop icon Nas blends jazz, blues, and a hint of  afro-carribean rhythm on “Harlem Country Girl” from his 1998 album In the World: From Natchez to New York re-released in 2010.   

He does it again on the bluesier “Bluebird” from 2001’s Neigborhoods .

Electric Wire Hustle – Perception/Chaser

New music from New Zealand soul collective Electric Wire Hustle is at the very top of my wish list for 2011. Their self titled album has been getting regular rotation from me since it came out last summer. I can’t say that I’ve heard anything quite like it. It sounds like a jam session with Marvin Gaye, J Dilla and Sade’s band. CRAZY.  Did I mention these dudes are from New Zealand?  While I can’t say the video for “Perception” is new, it’s new to me and that’s just as good.  Check out the videos below then do yourself a huge favor and get the album. 


The Stuyvesants

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog and have some good sense, you’ve probably already made yourself familiar with the fantastically free mixes of Darien Victor Birks on his music and design blog flwrpt. He’s been hard at work with his friend Allan Cole who you may know better as DC’s 2009 Red Bull Big Tune champ, Algorythm. The two have joined forces as “The Stuyvesants”, a design and music duo paying homage to their shared place of residence.  They’ve released a FREE 25 instrumental and design project titled “Brooklyn’s Finest” that I’ve had on repeat since the day it dropped. It’s absolutely a must have for the summer. I’m hoping we’ll get more visuals from this project, the tracks definitely evoke some imagery. I’ve imagined them as sort of a day in the life of a Brooklynite but that’s just me. Check out “Panty Dropper” below and paint your own picture. Better yet, make a movie ; ) 

Secret Story

It’s been a while since my last post. My web surfing has been drastically reduced since starting a new job last month. I always wanted a career in music and for a while I felt like I had one since the majority of my days were spent surfing the web in search of good tunes.  Times have changed though so while I have a lot more money to feed my habit, I have less time to write about it. I’ll take it though.  June 7th not only marked the 52nd birthday of Prince Rogers Nelson which must be celebrated even if he chooses not to, it was also my 27th and my cousin’s 28th.  Sharing a birthday with arguably the greatest performer of our time is pretty cool but growing up celebrating it with one of my best and closest friends who happens to be related but not my twin is so much cooler. We have oddly similar tastes in a lot of things but were not always on the same page when it comes to what we listen to.  Some of my favorite memories though are times we spent together just chilling in the basement listening to and looking for music.  This is one of my favorites from back in the day, It always takes me back to that time in my life which was pretty special to me. I have to admit it’s pretty wild that we were listening to stuff like this in our pre-teen years but it was albums like “Secret Story” that developed my musical palate. If you’re not familiar with Pat Metheny you have to wait until the 1:23 mark on the clip below to hear him do his thing. Happy birthday Cuzzo!