Raheem DeVaughn – Freedom Fighter

Leave it to the hardest working man in R&B to take a break from Grammy nominations and give us a soundtrack to parallel the current economic and political climate of the world. Most of these songs are old but that’s whats cool about Raheem DeVaughn, he has been making timeless, poignant, conscious soul music from day one of his career. What’s more impressive is that it’s all so good that you can’t help but listen to what he’s saying. Marvin has to be looking down smiling.

Download this mixtape and support Raheem’s movement. I can’t think of a better artist to spend your music budget on.    

DTMD – MAKIN’ DOLLAS the album

It’s been a minute and I’m guessing a lot of blood sweat and tears since DTMD dropped their breakout mixtape The Basics. The DMV duo have finally made it official with the release of their debut LP “Makin’  Dollas”. As their name suggests, DTMD’s sound is rooted in an era of hop-hop that has been mostly abandoned by newer artists. I hate when people classify some rap as “real” hip-hop based on how it sounds, suggesting that newer acts don’t deserve to be included in the genre so I won’t do that here. This is just good music. Take a listen and buy a copy or Dunc and Toine will have to change their name.      

Tabi Bonney – Frontin

Tabi is one of my favorite rappers. It seems that his primary ambition is to enjoy himself at all costs and have his listeners do so as well. His style on and off the mic is unique but not contrived. If he said it chances are he did it “in real life” as he likes to say.  Frontin is the first single off of Ski Beatz 2nd installment of 24 Hour Karate School but will also be featured on Tabi’s upcoming “The Summer Years” due out 9.27.11.


Electric Wire Hustle – Perception/Chaser

New music from New Zealand soul collective Electric Wire Hustle is at the very top of my wish list for 2011. Their self titled album has been getting regular rotation from me since it came out last summer. I can’t say that I’ve heard anything quite like it. It sounds like a jam session with Marvin Gaye, J Dilla and Sade’s band. CRAZY.  Did I mention these dudes are from New Zealand?  While I can’t say the video for “Perception” is new, it’s new to me and that’s just as good.  Check out the videos below then do yourself a huge favor and get the album.