C’mon Son – Black Thought

I was in the barbershop the other day and the topic of lyricism among today’s hip-hop artists was being “discussed” while 106&Park was on.  Names like Drake, Wayne and Em were mentioned of course. There were teens in the room and 106 was on so that was to be expected. One of the barbers that I know has decent taste in music mentioned Jay Elect and Mos Def so I co-signed and added Black Thought to the list as one of my favorites.  This dude tells me that “the guy from the Roots” is just aight and if he was that nice he would have put out a solo by now. I hit him with a c’mon son and pulled up 75 Bars on my phone.  Not only is this one of my favorites from Black Thought but it has one of the best lines EVER by ANY rapper in my opinion. Black is like your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Again, c’mon son.

2 thoughts on “C’mon Son – Black Thought

  1. I agree. Black Thought is so moving and original. Anything the Roots touches is impossible to reckon with.

    Some people just have no soul. That’s what rap is missing now, that soul behind the words. Negroes just talking about anything over computer beats.

    And to the “barbershop hater”….DUDE, the ROOTS is an INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed BAND, it’s not about going Solo, they are a movement.


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