OP Swamp 81

I don’t remember the day and time I first heard this gem but I remember the feeling, I was STUCK.  Every now and then I hear something that sticks with me and I can listen to it over and over again and get the same feeling as the very first time I heard it.  “Another Day” is definitely close to the top of my most played list of the past year. Hopefully there’s more to come from the minds and mouths of this D.C. collective.  The video gives you a glimpse into the message behind OP Swamp 81’s melody.  Be sure to check out Bilal Salaam’s other work on iTunes including collabs with Muhsinah and Raheem Devaughn. 


3 thoughts on “OP Swamp 81

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    • I completely agree with Reloading. I would love to hear more from You Da’Nedra. You have a wonderful quality to your voice and an honest spirit it seems.
      please keep recording and sharing your talents.

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